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WALK OF LIFE: A letter writer has an easy solution for those criticising the operating hours of Lights 4 Lake - walk while the lights are actually on.
WALK OF LIFE: A letter writer has an easy solution for those criticising the operating hours of Lights 4 Lake - walk while the lights are actually on.

Face up to facts

THE reported responses to the Integrated Transport Strategy seem to have been restricted to one or two controversial issues, principally parking and the suggestion regarding limiting further development north of the river.

Council has for many years had a policy for northern development and I think would be unlikely to change that.

The lengthy technical report (which can be obtained from council) covers many areas and includes a lot of statistical and demographic information which makes interesting reading.

Some of the issues mentioned are well worth considering.

I did notice the report’s emphasis is on the CBD; little mention is made of the small suburban shopping areas which can and do play a role in daily life.

Pedestrian safety is critical if people are to feel confident walking in any part of the city, particularly where there are roundabouts as these are both intimidating and unsafe for pedestrians.

I have written previously suggesting that councillors visit the rural city of Mildura, which has marked  pedestrian crossings on its roundabouts in the CBD.

The report does highlight the fact much of our planning is for cars rather than people. There is some truth in this.

The report is about transport strategies and I recommend interested people get a copy and form an opinion not based on blanket condemnations made by some who have only read the summary or tweets.

It is also important to be aware the report is just that and has not been adopted by the council.

Mary Kidson 


Shedding light on issue

I WAS very disappointed to see Wayne Bradley’s letter in the Weekend Advertiser criticising the Lights 4 Lake.

I have just completed my first after-dark circuit of the lake and I think the lights are a tremendous idea and a wonderful asset for our great city.

If everybody wanted council to operate them at a time of their choice, there would be thousands of different requests.

If you wish to appreciate the lights, go for your walk at a time when the solar lights will operate. Well done council and all involved in the project.

Peter Matthews


Recipe for road rage

WE DON’T need a set of traffic lights on the corner of Docker and Brookong.

It is very rare to see traffic waiting to turn north from Brookong Avenue, while those turning south have regular breaks in the traffic from the Edward Street lights.

Those proposing the lights need to go and watch for 15 minutes – providing they use common sense. But then what would I know, I only average about 250km a day driving around town.

Peter Dolden


A meating of minds

ROGER Gregory's letter (DA, March 11, “Our god-given right to eat meat”) is so wrong.

As true carnivores have pointed teeth to rip apart and a jaw that only opens and shuts so they cannot chew their prey, they can only swallow, and a short intestine so the meat is processed quickly.

Humans have flat-surfaced teeth to grind and a jaw that swings from side to side to chew their grains and vegetables.

Our long intestine causes animal products to rot and is a cause of bowel cancer.

So Mr Gregory, if it were "our god-given right" to eat meat, why does it cause westerners to suffer cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and some cancers?

Di Cornelius

Seacliff Park


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