Lake Albert overpowers Balmain

In their FFA Cup debut, Football Wagga premiers Lake Albert Sharks dominated a Sydney-based side at Gissing Oval on Saturday.

Sharks defeated Balmain District 4-0, unrelenting in the first half.

In attack, Fred Gardner and Cam Mavor charged past their rivals, and set up countless goal-scoring opportunities.

At half-time, striker Henri Garder came off injured, and the Sharks’ intensity dropped.

But with Ben Angel, Ben Mavor and Chris Durman in defence, Balmain hardly had a shot on goal.

Co-captain Fred Gardner was proud to be a part of the win.

“I was really excited and pumped,” he said.

“It was so good to beat a Sydney team in Wagga.

“It was real good for our first game, the crowd was good too.”

Gardner found the introduction of three new players Duncan Brodie, Justin Curran and Kane Baumer to be challenging, in terms of communication, but they didn’t look out of place on the star-studded team.

He fears his brother will be injured for at least a fortnight.

The Sharks missed mid Jamie Rankin due to injury but he’s on the mend and plans to return in a week.

Goal-scorers: Kane Baumer (2), Fred Gardner, Justin Curran


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