Toddler fighting for life after car crash | Photos, video

THE MOTHER of a two-year-old boy rushed to hospital in a critical condition after Wednesday’s sickening alleged hit and run has told of her “gut-wrenching agony”.

Felicity Nasir has held a bedside vigil for her son, Isa, who was admitted to Sydney Children’s Hospital’s intensive care unit on Friday with a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding. 

The 20-week pregnant mother – who was also injured in the crash – had to endure a traumatising two day wait to see her son. 

Mrs Nasir exclusively told The Daily Advertiser that watching Isa endure so much pain and suffering felt like “having her heart wrenched from her body”.

“Our whole family haven’t stopped crying since Wednesday,” she said.

“You just feel so unstable when you’ve got so much anger, so many tears and so much fear too.

“This was a young, energetic and cheeky boy who is now wailing in a hospital bed and will probably wear this for the rest of his life.

“Words can’t describe this pain.”

Despite the ordeal, the mother-of-two was relieved neither of her kids were killed. 

“Considering the speed the ute was going, I’m just so grateful we all made it out alive,” Ms Nasir said. 

“There’s no excuse for what happened that day.”

Isa will receive further tests at the Randwick hospital on Monday so doctors can determine the best course of action. 

Wagga’s top cop, Superintendent Bob Noble praised the initiative of several onlookers who rushed to perform CPR on the toddler. 

“It’s very comforting to know that people are adept in performing CPR, and would to it in a heartbeat if somebody needed it,” he said. 

He said allegations that the 24-year-old driver of the ute fled the scene were “troubling.” 

“It’s just a very low thing to do and something that I find it difficult to understand,” he said.

“This is every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Magistrate Erin Kennedy on Friday adjourned the case until April 5 and formally refused the accused bail.


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