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ON TARGET: Wagga cricketing star Jon Nicoll will be remembered among the greats to play in the local cricket comp, according to a letter writer.
ON TARGET: Wagga cricketing star Jon Nicoll will be remembered among the greats to play in the local cricket comp, according to a letter writer.

Mayor’s faux pas

I APPLAUD mayor Greg Conkey for his work in maintaining council's interest in the freight and logistics hub at Bomen.

There's no doubt the realisation of that project will bring more jobs to the shire.

But seriously, on another issue, I think it was a mistake by the mayor not to inform his colleagues of developments in the Eldridge affair until just before the media release.

All councillors need to know what is going on with council business so that they can process proceedings properly.

Maurice Corlett


Shedding light on issue

I AM A person who walks daily and start my exercise around 4am-4.30am.

When I heard about Lights 4 Lake, I was very excited and like others, have been waiting patiently for the lights to be installed.

I was of the opinion this would eliminate the need for me to take a torch on my walk as the lights would add some much-needed light.

However, much to my dismay, I have been informed by Committee 4 Wagga and council that the lights will operate from 5am in daylight saving time and 6am in normal time.

This will be of no benefit to myself and I’m sure many other people who walk early each morning.

The sunrise/sunset times, when compared to the lights schedule, shows there are several discrepancies: eg: in December, the sun sets at 8.28pm, but the lights will turn on at 6pm.

I am sure that there are plenty of walkers, joggers, bike riders and fishermen who would make use of the lake if the lights operated continuously during the night.

Why can’t the lights operate on sensors, commencing at dusk and remain on throughout the night, then close down at daybreak?

I believe the lights could be a great asset and tourist attraction to Wagga if promoted correctly.

Many social events and activities could be held at the lake as well.

Please also consider that we could have the lake fun run/bike ride on a Saturday night and at the completion, have a concert and barbecue.

We could also have a criterion around the lake at night and football teams should be encouraged to train at night at the lake in winter months.

There are so many opportunities if you get the timing right.

The sky is the limit.

Wayne Bradley

Lake Albert

Jon’s magic four-peat

CONGRATULATIONS to Jon Nicoll on his fourth consecutive win in the Brian Lawrence Medal .

This is really a great achievement for this player and a history making event for Wagga cricket.

To win this award once is a great effort but four in four years is a super effort.

This win shows Jon’s standing in Wagga cricket.

Jon works extremely hard on his game and puts in those extra yards at practice and this is a just reward for a person so dedicated. 

I have witnessed Jon perform over the years and believe he plays cricket the right way.

With his batting he really values his wicket and works away accumulating runs with a minimum of risk playing every ball on its merits.

His bowling is tight and probing, making the batsman play and working at their weaknesses.

To me "Jono" is a complete cricketer and a great role model for any youngsters.

I feel certain in years to come when people discuss good players that played in Wagga cricket the name of Jon Nicoll will be among those mentioned.

Brian Lawrence



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