Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, March 17

RUNNING MAN: Ultra-marathon legend Cliff Young could run faster from Sydney to Melbourne than Australia Post can deliver some parcels, according to a letter writer.
RUNNING MAN: Ultra-marathon legend Cliff Young could run faster from Sydney to Melbourne than Australia Post can deliver some parcels, according to a letter writer.

The cat is the hat

I FULLY endorse A W Matthews’ letter on Thursday about cats.

I believe neighbours’ cats (caught on your property) make the best hats.

Bryan Pomeroy


Parcel’s sightseeing trip

I’VE been waiting on spare parts for my earthmoving business to arrive since early last week and have been tracking their movements through Australia Post.

After leaving Melbourne, these parts had a lovely trip to Sydney, which is 500km or so past the delivery address (Yerong Creek); then they had a brief holiday for three days.

They were then loaded back on a truck to cover the same 500km but didn't stop there - the parts had to travel a further 80km in the other direction (back past the delivery address) to be re-sorted and then again travel the 80km, this time in the right direction, to hopefully arrive today (six days total). Total distance travelled 1590km; actual distance 400km! The management of Australia Post gets paid millions for their “efficiency”, what an oxymoron.

Cliff Young, in gumboots, was able to run from Sydney to Melbourne in five days, 14 hours and 35 minutes.

Shayne Collins

Yerong Creek

Good book’s bad message

AS PROOF that lambs are on this Earth for us to eat, Roger Gregory asks me to read Genesis. (“Our God-given right”, DA, Letters. March 11)

I could ask Roger to read Samuel as proof that it’s okay to kill children and babies: "kill men and women, children and infants".

Or in Leviticus, to prove that it's okay to enslave foreigners: "you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you."

Clearly the Bible isn't the word of a just and loving God. It's the word of man.

But justice and love were what thousands of people were calling for last Saturday when they marched through Australia's capital cities.

They were calling for the closing down of all slaughterhouses and justice for animals. They were calling for an end to the cruelty, violence and pain so needlessly inflicted on them.

How would we like it if someone wanted to kill us simply because they fancied the taste of our flesh?

Jenny Moxham


A lesson for councillors

I THINK it’s about time our councillors learned the “Seven Ps” – prior planning and preparation prevents p*ss poor performance, and stop wasting ratepayers money.

Peter Simpson

Lake Albert  

A study in lunacy

THERE would be no surprise if the cyclists/Rail Trail latte-sippers were unduly influential in the anti-motorist slant of the controversial Integrated Transport Study.

Douglas Cotterill


Beware the eastern threat

IF I COULD weep for Australia I probably would.

Australia sleeps on as the Far East builds for war.

Our politicians are at each other’s throats and defence is being mostly ignored. Few in Canberra are watching the East.

They’re distracted and appear unable to coordinate for national readiness.

Islands get built in the South China Sea with runways for planes that could one day reach Australia. The fighting and squabbling in Canberra continues unabated.

The youth crime rate is out of control yet where is national service? 

G Gibson



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