What’s on at the gallery, March 18, 2017

Michael Eden
Michael Eden

THE newest exhibition on display at Wagga Art Gallery is Shapeshifters, a playful exploration of 3D printing.

It’s all about imagination, innovation and new methods of making, drawing on the high-tech and rapidly evolving world of 3D printers and fluid extrusion methodology.

3D printers are in the headlines - a weapon printed at home, organs manufactured in labs, 3D printed clothing - but how does it work?

Put simply, the printer converts a 3D digital model into horizontal slices. These slices are then layered (printed) on top of each other and a 3D object is formed. 3D printing is also built on sharing. Open source software and shared maker spaces mean anyone can try their hand at creating.

During the industrial revolution, the machine was used to standardise everything. Now mass production is replaced by mass customisation. The designers, makers, tinkerers and creators included in Shapeshifters (including Ryan Pennings, Lukasz Karluk and Lousje Skala) all begin with a real world idea.

That idea is translated into a digital something – a piece of code, a CAD model or perhaps a verse of music – before being transformed into the final physical form.

By experimenting with digital fabrication technologies, the designers build on their traditional modes of making to create something entirely new.

Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future is a partnership between WPCC and Australian Design Centre, the most influential organisation dedicated to makers and designers in Australia. 

Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future is on display  from today until Sunday May, 7.