Oscar nominees to receive goodies from Wagga mums

This year’s Oscar nominees will be taking home more important items than the trophies.

Two Wagga mums have printed the tote bags to carry toddler shoes that will be included in the goodie bags, worth more than $300,000 each, for Hollywood’s elite.

Kristie Manning and Bek Harrison from B&K Industries are consultants for Attipas Wagga and were contacted by national distributor Caroline Africh to print the bags.

“She sent us a message to ask if we can make the gift bags,” Mrs Manning said.

“We couldn’t pass it up because you don’t know when you would get that opportunity again.”

Ms Africh saw the quality of the girls’ work in Wagga and sourced them to print the tote bags.

The Wagga mums had nine days to make 250 bags, which all had to be pressed three times each.

The girls worked from their homes around normal work hours and children’s sleeping schedules to get the job done on a quick deadline.

“We really discovered what we are capable of,” Mrs Harrison said.

Each bag will include two pairs of shoes and the business cards of the Wagga girls. 

“Our cards will be entering the houses of 250 of the top celebrities,” Mrs Harrison said.

“I think if we saw a photo of one of those bags, we would go crazy.”

Their hope is that the shoes will be worn by Beyonce or George Clooney’s twins or Ryan Reynolds’ baby girl.

The girls are planning on having an Oscars viewing party when it airs in Australia later this month.