Kate Morell receives thousands of sunsets

Wagga’s Kate Morell has received national attention for her search for sunsets.

Ms Morell, who suffers from Usher syndrome and is losing her sight, said she had lost track of the amount of sunsets she has received since her January call out. 

“I’ve lost control of this thing I’ve created,” Ms Morell said. 

“I have over 2000 sunset photos that have been physically sent to me and at least 4000 if you include those floating around the internet.” 

On Thursday, Channel 10 broadcast from Ms Morell’s home, further spreading her cause. 

“A 55-year-old woman, originally from Wagga, sent me a message after I was on TV and told me I was the first person she’d ever seen saying they had Ushers syndrome,” Ms Morell said. 

“She told me she no longer feels so alone.”