Juvenile inmates taunt Wagga residents during rooftop revolt

JUVENILE delinquents have abused Wagga residents and defied authorities during a tense stand-off on the roof of Riverina’s “kiddie” jail. 

Detainees allegedly taunted, made crude gestures and shouted profanities at passersby on Friday after scaling the near 25-foot high Juvenile Justice Centre roof.

It is believed the shirtless youths also armed themselves with branches which they broke off nearby gum trees.

Wagga resident Shane Windle was driving along Glenfield Road on Friday afternoon when he caught glimpse of three inmates screaming in his direction. 

He claims the underage criminals were also taunting a Justice staff member, who was trying to coax them from the rooftop. 

“They were yelling at every single car and person that went past,” he said.

"There was abuse and taunting and they were also egging people to post a picture of them on Facebook.

“I don't know why they still have a way of accessing that roof.”

It is understood this is not an unusual incident at the Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre. 

The Daily Advertiser contacted the department but they failed to comment on the matter. 

Wagga Neighbourhood Watch president Wayne Deaner said the act of “complete disrespect” proves the inmates have not been deterred by their arrests. 

“As soon as they get out, somebody else’s car will go in flames or another home will be ransacked,” he said. 

“This is proof we need tougher penalties for these kids and teenagers who just don’t seem to be getting the message.

“They are laughing in our face and making a mockery of us.” ​


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