Residents of South Parade had no clue John Raymond Holschier was living in their midst

RESIDENTS of South Parade in Central Wagga have revealed they had no clue a deranged killer was living in their midst. 

The Daily Advertiser now understands notorious murderer John Raymond Holschier, who bashed his partner to death with a house brick in 1989, was “hiding in plain sight” for more than a year. 

Corrective Services relocated the Deniliquin-born and raised Holschier to Wagga so police could keep him on a tight leash while he lived in familiar regional surroundings.  

His former neighbours were horrified to learn they had shared a street with the sadistic killer. 

Maureen Burns – who lived three houses away from the 49-year-old – remembered Holschier as a strange but quiet man who kept to himself. 

“I had no idea he was such a monster,” she told The Daily Advertiser.

“I used to see him walking inside with the groceries and sitting on a couch down the side of his house and he never made himself known.

“It shows these people can easily blend in.”

In the process of murdering his partner at Chatswood, the 43-year-old also struck his then 13-month-old daughter in the head with a brick, causing her severe brain damage.

Holschier was again locked up in Junee jail last week after allegedly breaching conditions of an extended supervision order.

Police claim he refused to let his supervising officer into his home, allowing his electronic monitoring bracelet to go flat and failing to provide the details of his mobile phone or allow it to be inspected.

Blake Lewin, who resides within earshot of Holschier’s Wagga home, was disgusted to learn his neighbour was an infamous murderer. 

“The fact they’ve dumped him in Wagga – in our street – just shows how much they care about us,” he said.

“If we were stabbed or bashed with a brick, the government and the courts would have our blood on their hands for letting this sicko out.”

NSW’s Family Violence Support group have also weighed in on the cold-blooded killer’s case, pleading with the state government to put the safety of the community first. 

A spokesperson for the organisation said killers like Holschier have already proven they are incapable of leading productive, functional lives in society.

“He should never be released because of the substantial risk that he destroys another life,” they said. 

“His lack of remorse and repeated breach of the law shows he does not take his sanctions seriously.”

Holschier will next front court for a hearing on January 23. 


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