Wagga woman Shelley Anne Nowell jailed for stabbing her partner in the neck with broken glass

A WOMAN who stabbed her partner in the neck with broken glass and then told police she wish she had slit his throat has been jailed.

Eight weeks pregnant at the time, Shelley Anne Nowell was drinking alcohol with the man in the Tolland house they shared on August 9 when the couple began to argue.

The man pushed Nowell, now 37, out of the house, locked the door and taunted her.

According to police facts tendered to the court, Nowell walked to the side of the house, smashed a bedroom window and climbed inside.

Police said Nowell picked up a piece of glass between 15 and 30 centimetres long and struck the man in the neck.

The man suffered a superficial wound and ran to a neighbour for help.

A still angry Nowell told police who were called to the scene that the victim deserved what happened to him and she would do it again.

“He pushed me, so I cut him with glass because he’s a ….,” Nowell said.

“I tried to kill the …., I’ve got no apologies, I wish I had slit (his) throat.”

While police were putting Nowell into their car she saw her victim and said: “I should have killed you. I would do it again.”

Nowell has been in custody since her arrest.

A bail application in Wagga Local Court the following day after Nowell pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm was refused by visiting magistrate Greg Grogin.

Mr Grogin told Nowell she was lucky not to have been charged with a more serious offence.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions later decided to finalise the case in the Local Court rather than in the higher District Court.

This week, Nowell was given a head jail sentence of 15 months, backdated to her arrest.

Magistrate Michael Crompton found special circumstances to reduce the non-parole period to five months.

Nowell will be released on supervised parole on January 8.

Nowell was also placed on a two-year good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to destroying the window.