Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, November 29

FULL OF HOT AIR: A letter writer questions some governments' head-long push into renewable energy, saying there's more to the story.
FULL OF HOT AIR: A letter writer questions some governments' head-long push into renewable energy, saying there's more to the story.

Faith in true believers

GOOD to see Dan Hayes out and about doing council business.

So the world never stopped when the two Labor candidates were elected to the council?

We should be glad that we have such keen and clever people representing us.

I am sure that they will help to take this city forward into an interesting future.

Maurice Corlett


Politics by stealth

LET’S take a closer check of the three most controversial issues plaguing our society.

All three should never have been allowed to be entered into without first consulting the Australian people via a referendum.

Multiculturalism has been foisted onto us in an underhanded way.

It’s about pacifying a handful of do-gooder bleeding hearts and has now come back to haunt us. 

Geoff Field’s letter to the editor on November 14 is spot on in everything he said in reference to multiculturalism.

The same logic applies to same sex marriage, which cannot rightfully be allowed to proceed without the Australian people's say so.

This is due to how our marriage laws are cemented in our constitution and are not subject to change.

This is why the gay community shies away from this legal fact and are pushing for the government to make the decision.

Malcolm Turnbull knows this but he also should know that a plebiscite is not legally binding and therefore is a no-win situation and a waste of taxpayers’ money pursuing it.

Then we have the Safe Schools gender fluidity program.

This is one of the most deceitful programs of all.

Such orchestrated mischief has added yet another clause by advising hundreds of schools signed up to it to remove their school names off the list so that concerned parents are unable to determine which schools are peddling this propaganda.

The government is leaving itself open to legal proceedings against them.

This also applies to those who instigated this cause and all who have aided and a abetted it along the way.

Yvonne Rance


Renewables full of hot air

ANDREW Bray, national coordinator of the Australian Wind Alliance, writes in his column that “latest research by the Climate Council shows more that 28,000 jobs could be created across the country if Australia generates 50 per cent of its power from the wind, sun and waves by 2030.”

It all sounds so wonderful and ideal; what better future could we wish for?

But we must be absolutely realistic in every respect and not just idealistic.

There have been times when no energy is obtained from wind, sun and waves.

There will be times of a lack of wind, sun and waves, through natural weather vagaries or man-made disasters.

For these reasons alone, it is imperative that a very significant proportion of the electricity needs of NSW be generated by means of coal and nuclear.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on electricity supply but this is really a matter of common sense.

Furthermore, it can be realistically anticipated that there will be an inescapable nuclear conflagration begun by one or more rogue nations, irrespective of the catastrophic consequences.

The smoke and pollution generated will be so severe that it will encircle the earth, eliminating all of the solar energy.

I stress this is not being hysterical but down to earth and realistic.

From where will we then get the energy to sustain life? 

Paul Bosman



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