Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, November 26

HUMAN TOLL: A letter writer asks why Australians aren't reaching out to victims of Haiti's devastating Hurricane Matthew.
HUMAN TOLL: A letter writer asks why Australians aren't reaching out to victims of Haiti's devastating Hurricane Matthew.

Where’s the humanity?

I HEARD a few weeks ago the UN calling for urgent financial assistance from other countries to help Haiti after Hurricane Matthew's devastation.  

As we couldn't find anything in the media about Australia helping, I have now confirmed with Michael McCormack's office that no assistance was given by our government.

Considering we are one of the richest countries in the world, with one of the highest standards of living, and that Haiti is one of the poorest and still not recovered from the 2010 earthquake (316,000 people died and 1.6 million homeless) and battling a cholera outbreak before the hurricane, I find it shameful the Australian government hasn't answered the UN's plea for help and are angry at Australian media for not bringing this to our attention.  

Australians usually have a big heart in situations like this.

Philip Price


Love trumps intolerance

GEOFF Field from Gundagai has become “Trump Drunk” and like all drunks is talking nonsense.

How can he preach his intolerance against hardworking loyal Australians because of the actions of a few?

He ought to read the BRW Rich List and there will see most were born overseas or their parents were.

I should go to Gundagai Court and record every case with all its gory detail then see if people apply the “Field Test” by lumping all Gundagai people one in all in with the wife bashers, drunks, thieves etc.

I think the good people of “tiger town” would feel aggrieved if the Field Test were applied to them. Preachers of intolerance do not and cannot think or reason rationally

Graham Burmeister


Turning a blind eye

I WONDER how many people who read about or watch horrendous footage of the violently cruel treatment of animals in slaughterhouses feel repulsed.

There is a total disconnection from the effect our western diet, which consists of huge amounts of animal products, is having on the animal victims in our food chain.

I see people almost drooling over the pristine, plastic wrapped animal parts, who, like Greg Park said (Daily Advertiser, November 24) “are purpose-bred for eating".

This is a smokescreen and no excuse for the decades of abuse they suffer simply for taste bud satisfaction. 

There are so many delicious alternative options to eating animals available to us

Di Cornelius

Seaview Park

Truth not so sweet

SO Barnaby Joyce is against a sugar tax.

I can only assume the junk food industry are big donors to the National Party.

That's how it works, isn't it?

Bob Vinnicombe


Time to end cruelty

ARGENTINA has joined most other countries in banning greyhound racing. In July, Premier Mike Baird banned racing in NSW, saying that it is legal in only eight countries around the world. Now there is one less.

The unfortunate back-flip by the NSW government notwithstanding, this vile industry is destined for history's dustbin.

Greyhounds used for gambling spend most of their miserable lives muzzled in cramped cages, except when they are taken out to race. These gentle, friendly dogs rarely hear a kind word or feel a loving touch. Many dogs die from illness and injuries, including broken legs, heatstroke and heart attacks. 

Informed, caring people aren’t interested in watching dogs race to their deaths. 

Desmond Bellamy

PETA Australia


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