Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, November 25

WATERSHED MOMENT: A letter writer implores the Murray Darling Basin Authority to consider the livelihoods of those in the bush when implementing the basin plan.
WATERSHED MOMENT: A letter writer implores the Murray Darling Basin Authority to consider the livelihoods of those in the bush when implementing the basin plan.

Stop turning a blind eye

I REFER to Jenny Moxham's letter in The Daily Advertiser this week suggesting we have a Scarlet Ribbon Campaign to call on men and women alike to vow never to support violence to farmed animals.

This clever idea is in line with White Ribbon events held in November to highlight and end violence against women.

The UN declaration of human rights states: "All human beings are born free and equal. In creating a society where women feel free, safe and respected, men also free themselves to live with dignity.”

As Jenny said: “Given that animal products are not necessary in our diet – it’s healthier to avoid them – violence to billions of innocent animals is clearly no more justifiable than violence to women.”

Intensively factory farmed animals get no such freedom, safety or respect 

For example, every day and with Christmas approaching, billions of turkeys and pigs have been bred in dark, filthy, cramped conditions, and trucked to be violently and mercilessly slaughtered for the sole purpose of satisfying people’s taste buds.

These atrocities are going unnoticed.

A more enlightened concept for now and into the future will be to leave animals out of our food chain.

Di Cornelius

Seacliff Park

Power from on high

WE CAN do it on our own, thank you very much!

God is not needed now, or is he?

We don’t need help from god regarding population control, by way of abortions and euthanasia; we will decide for ourselves when to eliminate people, regardless of their age.

Now it seems as if nothing is left for god to do for us.

We save ourselves from all earthly problems via governments, the UN and the EU etc.

Let’s see now, how has that worked for us? Is the world a better place to live in?

Over 50,000,000 babies killed by abortion in the US since the 1970s, world-wide killings must be in the order of 500,000,000 since the early 1900s.

World-wide euthanasia killings to date? Don’t know, but must be a very large number

We do not live in a happy world.

People of all nations have to a very large extent forgotten god and decided to do their own thing; that is, become selfish and self-centred.

They put their trust in politicians who led them astray.

Would Christian leaders have betrayed their own people to become secular?

We cannot go it alone; trying that failed for Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot and will fail also for communism, freemasonry and American politics.

The EU experiment has failed. Planned parenthood in America and euthanasia, abortion and homosexual groups will not succeed.

Trust in god, not in man.

Lawrence Gregan


Have a plan, man

DEAR NSW DPI minister Niall Blair:

You are the very minister responsible for the Murray Darling Basin Plan and therefore for the welfare of all the people of this area, and so you owe it to them to give them all your due attention for the sake of their welfare now and in the long term.

The Greens always push their hardest to have their demands and ideals fulfilled, even if it harms certain groups, but they themselves never suffer from the negative consequences of their ideals, like forest industries and agriculture do.

Please act wisely, decisively and with compassion on behalf of the people of the basin, who so need you and are so dependent on you.

Paul Bosman



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