Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, November 24

SEEKING JUSTICE: Tumut man Mark Nicholes believes his efforts to expose issues within the health department have led to a systematic cover-up.
SEEKING JUSTICE: Tumut man Mark Nicholes believes his efforts to expose issues within the health department have led to a systematic cover-up.

The system is sick

I AM ON a mission to expose a hideous, evil crime in high government places.

The insidious crime involves NSW Health and NSW Police, who have abused, bullied, colluded, corrupted, perverted and now tried to hide the pursuit of justice and public safety.

I was employed by NSW Health as a radiographer for 38 years, principally at Tumut Hospital.

I was concerned about very severe patient care matters involving exposure to excessive doses of radiation and severe nursing care negligence and cover-ups by bureaucracy.

After pursuing this vigorously for years, I provided NSW Health with a very explosive document.

I was told there would be an independent investigation and within days of submitting my complaint, I received an AVO from a nurse I had previously contended with about patient care.

The next day I was arrested by police.

I went to a succession of doctors and psychiatrists who thought this was an extraordinary case.

I couldn’t go back to work until the AVO was removed and an independent investigation was conducted.

I used up all my sick leave and then I was dismissed because I hadn’t been at work (which I was unable to attend because of the AVO).

This matter urgently needs an independent investigation.

I believe NSW Police are involved in this collusion with the health department.

The AVO was used as a vicious, malicious weapon to silence me in my pursuit to expose a serious public safety issue.

Daryl Maguire had agreed to take these matters to parliament.

He dragged the chain and betrayed his commitment to do so. Why, Daryl?

Who now investigates such grave matters, Mr Editor?

I’ve been to NSW Health, police, the HCC Commission, the Human Rights Commission, workers comp commission, the NSW Ombudsman, ICAC, the Police Integrity Commission,  the government and more.

None of these people thought I was speaking nonsense.

They all just pleaded impotence, uselessness and provided fob-off excuses to plead their inability to act.

What an indictment upon modern government, Mr Editor.

Mark Nicholes


Bleeding heart nonsense

ANOTHER load of dribble from Jenny Moxham in this week’s letters.

How on earth can you compare what is happening to human beings to animals bred for eating?

The majority of the population does not share your views and understand they are animals bred for a purpose.

I think your views might be better served in a place like Nimbin, rather than Wagga.  

Greg Park


Our water, our future

THE Murray Group would like to respond to recent public comments from Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) chief executive Phillip Glyde.

Unfortunately, we are having great difficulty getting the MDBA to come to the table and meet with us for constructive, open discussion.

Our frustrations are exacerbated when we have recent flood events which we believe did not need to be as severe.

Surely, no one can genuinely believe the large volume of water returned to the environment from our region has not had a significant economic and social impact.

Of course it has.

There are numerous other issues the Murray Group would like to discuss with Mr Glyde and trust he will visit the Murray region in the near future.

The Murray Group


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