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TROUBLE BREWING: Yvonne Rance asks is erratic weather a result of climate change, as scientists believe, or a sign from on high?
TROUBLE BREWING: Yvonne Rance asks is erratic weather a result of climate change, as scientists believe, or a sign from on high?

Dam ‘artificially’ high

I am writing to object to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) keeping Hume Dam at 98 per cent. What we are seeing this year is history repeating itself, we have wet years here on the Murray every 20 years this is historic fact.

My great-grandfather John Gilmour was the 11th settler at Katamatite, 20kilometres from Cobram in 1876 – since then we have been stock agents and real estate agents so we have a profound knowledge of our weather’s history.

That the MDBA mainly rely on their so called “computer modelling” is making this latest wet event much worse, it has proven to be deeply flawed and historic data needs to be included in a large way in their forecasting.

The ranges had up to 80mm of rain last night, Mount Buffalo has 20-40mm predicted this week then the prediction is for a lot more rain late October keeping up through summer.

With extremely saturated land and forest everywhere all this rain falling on melting snow only has one place to go, down the rivers. Hopefully Barnaby Joyce can reason with the MDBA to create more “air space” in Hume Dam.

Peter Gilmour


Crippling weather changes

I offer another view as to why the weather is so erratic as “food for thought”.

Seeing as the creator, the architect, knows the overall plan, whereas we only know in part, could such evident signs of change be the “wrath of god” fed up with society’s never ending ungratefulness for what they have been given? Nothing is impossible with him whereas we only pull at straws, think we have all the answers, yet do not necessarily know, as we ought, yet always tempted to be carping.

Climate change (in the view of many) is fictitious nonsense, a “gravity fix” for those who fall for it hook, line and sinker. Therefore certainty (as claimed) can never be a sure thing while ever we embrace the possibility of that one bigger than ourselves wielding his authority that we might actually notice if we can get past our own sense of knowing we aren’t always right, on “he” is. 

Let's not live in a fanciful vacuum claiming to know it all, we could well be seriously suffering from wisdom of conceit.

Yvonne Rance


Reversal a good move

Thank you Keith Wheeler for your comments in The Daily Advertiser on October 17, about Premier Mike Baird’s change of heart concerning the greyhound racing ban.

Your comment “it is too easy to mock a politician who changes his mind, as bumbling Luke Foley has been trying to do” is spot on. Also “...the community should be thankful that we have a Premier who was able to put his ego aside, and agree to listen to the community”. A political leader’s pride often stands in the way of good governance. So well done Premier Mike Baird.

Paul Bosman


Women in farming

NSW Farmers is acknowledging the significant contribution women are making to the agricultural sector ahead of International Day of Rural Women. 

It’s a timely reminder to recognise the contribution of rural women. There are also countless women providing administrative support integral to the success of family farming businesses and women generating off-farm incomes to help support their families.

In New South Wales, 27 per cent of those employed in the agricultural sector are women and 13 per cent are employed full time. There’s no denying that these are statistics that could be greatly improved and I don’t doubt they will be.

Lisa Minogue

NSW Farmers


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