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October 15, 1916

Managed to get leave to go to Poperinghe for the purpose of trying to find Morris. When I arrived there they told me that the 18th had marched out that morning so I set off in pursuit, catching them atd inner time only to learn that Morris was not amongst them. I found that he was catching the one o’clock train to Wesque near St Omer to go to a training school so perforce had to hurry back.

I would not have done it, however, as I was dead tired, were it not for a motor lorry to which I clung, it took me along at about 15 miles an hour over the cobbles, but I hung on like grim death as my only chance of seeing the boy. I eventually reached the station and to my great joy had the pleasure of a 30 minutes yarn.

He was then a sergeant and was recommended for a commission. ‘Tis cheering to learn that they can appreciate worth when they see it. I then set off home arriving in time for tea, having done about 30 miles, but on a very heavy bike. Spent a good evening with the villagers yarning,cards, etc. quite homelike.


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