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October 14, 1916

O.S. for the day. Nothing much to do except fixing up billets for the men during the day. Owing to some of the chaps playing up we had to arrest six and put them under guard. It had the desired effect, as the remainder were more careful. Beer, wine, etc. is far too easily obtained,and many men are never satisfied unless they are continually boozing and making beasts of themselves, causing more trouble than they are worth.

The place we arranged for our mess turned out splendid. They knew all the 1st Field chaps so we were tres bon with them. All the people speak English well and it is a regular home setting by the fireside and yarning.This particular crowd are much superior to the females we have met previously. We usually come in contact with the roughs so that this time was a vast difference, and the more enjoyable as one of the girls reminded me very much of Fanny.

Then in the house I slept in, the people were very jolly, played cards, etc.all of which they had learnt since the war. They knew more games than I knew of almost, and could do any mount of card tricks. This particular village has a great name amongst the troops


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