AFL NAB CHALLENGE: Collingwood v North Melbourne in Wagga | Live blog

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Welcome to the Daily Advertiser's coverage of the AFL NAB Challenge clash between Collingwood and North Melbourne at Wagga’s Robertson Oval..

For those that can't make it, we’ve got reporters at the game to take you through it with live scores, commentary, colour and photos from the ground.

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Game times

  • First bounce at 4.40pm


COLLINGWOOD: Alex Fasolo, Jordan De Goey, Brent Macaffer, Brodie Grundy, Tom Langdon, Jesse White, Scott Pendlebury, Jarryd Blair, Taylor Adams, James Aish, Jarrod Witts, Jonathon Marsh, Travis Varcoe, Levi Greenwood, Tom Phillips, Jack Crisp, Matthew Goodyear, Ben Sinclair, Darcy Moore, Jackson Ramsay, Travis Cloke, Alan Toovey, Brayden Sier, Brayden Maynard, Tim Golds, Adam Oxley, Corey Gault, Jack Frost

NORTH MELBOURNE: Brad McKenzie, Ben Jacobs, Lachlan Hansen, Jack Ziebell, Daniel Wells, Andrew Swallow, Lindsay Thomas, Ryan Clarke, Trent Dumont, Nick Dal Santo, Aaron Mullett, Drew Petrie, Luke McDonald, Todd Goldstein, Robbie Tarrant, Taylor Garner, Robin Nahas, Mason Wood, Jamie MacMillan, Aaron Black, Joel Tippett, Will Fordham, Majak Daw, Mitch Hibberd, Corey Wagner, Declan Mountford, Sam Gibson, Farren Ray, Ben Brown


SCOTT WANTS TOUGH HIT-OUTKangaroos coach welcomes “oppressive” conditions as AFL initiates extreme heat policy for Robertson Oval

COLLINGWOOD TREAT FANS Magpies train in front of hundreds of fans on match eve

KANGAROOS SHAKE OFF ‘BATTLERS’ TAG North Melbourne playing with the big boys

PIES MIDFIELDER WITH PLENTY TO PLAY FOR Levi Greenwood to face his old Kangaroos team-mates for the first time

TEAMS NAMED FOR NAB CHALLENGE IN WAGGA: As expected both teams have named strong squads for their second match of the season.

NORTH’S BIG GUNS TIPPED TO COME IN: North Melbourne vice-captain Jack Ziebell says there’s every chance Wagga will see some big ins when the Kangaroos’ team is announced on Thursday.

ROOS EXPECTING A TEST: Luke McDonald has never been to Wagga, but he has a couple of reasons to look forward to Saturday’s NAB Challenge match against Collingwood in Wagga.

WELLS SET FOR WAGGA: North Melbourne fans will be in for a treat at Robertson Oval with a rare appearance by a key trio.

THE END OF A LONG PREPARATION: Preparing Robertson Oval for Saturday’s game hasn’t given Tim Morrison sleepless nights but it’s rarely been far from the greenkeeper’s thoughts in the last three months.

HARDEN UP: Pressure is mounting on Collingwood’s defence to up the ante in round two of the NAB Challenge held at Robertson Oval on Saturday. 


We’ll have live updates here for you from this afternoon. Refresh the page for the latest information.

6.58PM – That’s it for our Daily Advertiser blog. Good night everyone

6.56PM – Good old Collingwood forever being belted out around Robertson Oval. Pies fans very happy. Great game.

6.55PM – Game over. Pies win by 8 points. C 12-13-85 vs N 1-10-8-77

6.54PM – 21 minutes gone. C 12-13-85 vs N 1-10-8-77

6.52PM – Thomas misses a snap for North. C 12-13-85 vs N 1-10-8-77 (19th min)

6.51PM – Brown mark and goal for North. C 12-13-85 vs N 1-10-7-76 (18th min)

6.50PM – Crisp misses a long shot for the Pies.  C 12-13-85 vs N 1-9-7-70 (17th min)

6.49PM – Pendlebury misses what he normally would have got. C 12-12-84 vs N 1-9-7-70 (16th min)

6.45PM – Rushed behind to Collingwood. C 12-11-83 vs N 1-9-7-70 (12th min) Ten minutes left.

6.43PM – Fasolo poster. C 12-10-82 vs N 1-9-7-70 (10th min)

6.39PM – Lindsay Thomas goal for Roos. C 12-9-81 vs N 1-9-7-70 (6th min)

6.38PM – Taylor Adams goals for the Pies. First of the last quarter. C 12-9-81 vs N 1-8-7-64 (5th min)

6.33PM – Final quarter underway. C 11-9-75 vs N 1-8-7-64 

6.31PM – NM goals = Petrie 3, Nahas 2, Mullett (1 goal and 1 supergoal), Goldstein, Gibson

6.30PM – Collingwood goals = Gault 3, Varcoe 2, Fasolo 2, Pendlebury, Goodyear, Adams and Blair.

6.23PM – Lindsay Thomas marks near the Baylis Street boundary just shy of the ¾ time siren and he misses the goal. C 11-8-75 vs N 1-8-7-64 (22nd minute) 

6.20PM – Cloke has a shot, but it is rushed through. C 11-9-75 vs N 1-8-6-63 (19th minute) 

6.18PM – Behind from a snap to NM. C 11-8-74 vs N 1-8-6-63 (18th minute) 

6.17PM – Goal to Blair. C 11-8-74 vs N 1-8-5-62 (17th minute)

6.16PM – Supergoal to Mullett after Lindsay Thomas laid a tackle on Phillips. C 10-8-68 vs N 1-8-5-62 (16th minute)

6.13PM – Fasolo great mark 30m in front and he kicks truly. C 10-8-68 vs N 8-5-53 (13th minute)

6.12PM – Gibson kicks a nice one for Roos. C 9-8-62 vs N 8-5-53.(12th minute)

6.11PM – Phillips miss for Pies from close range. C 9-8-62 vs N 7-5-47.(11th minute)

6.10PM – Maynard miss for Pies from the 50m arc. C 9-7-61 vs N 7-5-47.(10th minute)

6.07PM – North goal to Nahas on the run his second.  C 9-6-60 vs N 7-5-47.(7th minute)

6.05PM – Gault another goal mark and and run in from 10-15 metres out. C 9-6-60 vs N 6-5-41.(5th minute)

6.04PM – North out on the full. Pendlebury misses. C 8-6-54 vs N 6-5-41.(4th minute)

6.02PM – Pies draw first blood. Pendlebury to Gault Joe the goose over the top. C 8-5-53 vs N 6-5-41.(2nd minute)

6.00PM – Second half underway. Witts vs Goldstein in the ruck.

5.59PM – Benches are Cloke, Fasolo, Adams, White, Sinclair, Sier and Phillips for the Pies and for Daw, Jacobs, Dumont for NM.

5.57PM – Here come the Roos for the second half.

5.56PM – Pies back out onto Robbo Oval led by Pendlebury. Umpires back out also.

5.53PM – Auskick finished and they form a guard of honour out the front of the grandstand.

5.52PM – NM goals = Petrie 3, Mullett, Goldstein, Nahas

5.50PM – Collingwood goals = Varcoe 2, Pendlebury, Gault, Goodyear, Adams and Fasolo.

5.47PM –  Collingwood half time stats as follows: Adams 9 kicks and 5 handballs, Greenwood 5 and 9, Varcoe 4 (2 goals) and 7, Oxley 4 and 7.

5.45PM –  NM half time stats as follows: Swallow 6 kicks and 9 handballs, Ziebell 6 and 4, Gibson 5 and 5, Dal Santo 5 and 4, Petrie 7 and 2 (3 goals).

5.37PM – Local Auskick players come out onto the ground. It’s now 38 degrees. Half time break is 25 minutes. Collingwood giant Jarrod Witts doing some run through’s and ball work in the middle of the ground.

5.36PM – Half time at Robbo Oval. Minor scuffle between the two teams in the middle . Breaks up quickly. C 7-5-47 vs N 6-5-41. (22nd min) > Must’ve missed a behind there somewhere.

5.34PM – Gault marks strongly for Collingwood in the pocket after a beautiful Cloke pass. GOAL! C 7-5-47 vs N 6-4-40. (21st min)

5.33PM – Matthew Goodyear goals in his first NAB Challenge game. C 6-5-41 vs N 6-4-40. (20th min)

5.31PM – Swallow misses on the run for North. C 5-5-35 vs N 6-4-40. (18th min)

5.29PM – Cloke misses another set shot. C 5-5-35 vs N 6-3-39. (16th min)

5.28PM – Cloke misses at the mill end for the Pies. C 5-4-34 vs N 6-3-39. (15th min)

5.27PM – Petrie kicks his 3rd of the quarter. C 5-3-33 vs N 6-3-39. (14th min)

5.26PM – Langdon comes off for the Pies with what might be a dislocated finger. (13th min)

5.25PM – Petrie mark and goal 40m directly in front. Never in doubt. Scores level. C 5-3-33 vs N 5-3-33.(12th min)

5.22PM – Ben Brown nice mark outside 50m and misses with his shot. C 5-3-33 vs N 4-3-27. (9th minute)

5.21PM – Swallow tackles Greenwood and earns a free on the wing. Drives the Roos forward. (8th minute)

5.20PM – Petrie NM goal from a dropped mark attempt. C 5-3-33 vs N 4-2-26. (7th minute)

5.17PM – Varcoe kicks his second for the Pies from a good snap at the mill end. C 5-3-33 vs N 3-2-20. (4th minute)

5.16PM – Aaron Mullett marks the kick out and goes bang. GOAL! C 4-3-27 vs N 3-2-20. (3rd minute)

5.15PM – Aaron Black has a shot and misses. (2nd minute) C 4-3-27 vs N 2-2-14.

5.14PM – Both teams back out on the ground. Grundy vs Goldstein in the ruck again. North into attack immediately.

5.10PM – NM ¼ time STATS: Sam Gibson 4 kicks 4 handballs, Jack Ziebell 3 and 3.

5.07PM – COLL ¼ time STATS: Taylor Adams 8 kicks and 2 handballs, Levi Greenwood 2 and 7. 

5.05PM – Nahas, Goldstein have goals for the Roos as do Adams, Pendlebury, Fasolo and Varcoe for the Pies.

5.03PM – ¼ time hear at Robbo Oval. 22 minute quarters. Both teams head for the rooms. C 4-3-27 vs N 2-1-13.

5.01PM – Blair a one hander at the 50m arc for Collingwood. Passes, chopped off no score, North clear. (20th min)

4.59PM – Fasolo comes off for the Pies. Nahas kicks one on the run for Kangas. C 4-3-27 vs N 2-1-13. (18th min)

4.57PM – Darcy Moore kicks an opportunist goal for the Pies. C 4-3-27 vs N 1-1-7. (16th min)

4.54PM – Pies on top early at Robbo Oval. Taylor Adams and Levi Greenwood have been good with a handful of early touches. Jack Frost a couple of good marks. (14th min)

4.52PM – Fasolo mark inside 50 after Taylor Adams centre clearance. Fasolo drills it from 35m directly in front. C 3-3-21 vs N 1-1-7. (11th min)

4.51PM – Pendlebury goals on the run for Collingwood at the 10th minute. C 2-3-15 vs N 1-1-7.

4.50PM – Adams snap for Pies missed it. C 1-3-9 vs N 1-1-7.

4.49PM – Ben Brown mark and behind for North. C 1-2-8 vs N 1-1-7.

4.48PM – And that is 7 minutes played.

4.46PM – Adam Oxley behind. C 1-2-8 vs N 1-0-6.

4.45PM – Pies get a rushed behind. C 1-1-7 vs N 1-0-6.

4.43PM – Goldstein with the reply a minute later. C 1-0-6 vs N 1-0-6.

4.42PM – Taylor Adams kicks the first of the match for the Pies at 1.02 mins in the first quarter. C 1-0-6 vs N 0-0-0.

4.42PM – Pies get inside 50 on 2 occasions but North repel.

4.40PM – Ball aloft and we are away.

4.40PM – Goldstein in the ruck vs Grundy

4.38PM – Toss of the coin and it was won by Pies skipper Scott Pendlebury and they will kick to the end of the Oasis end of the ground.

4.35PM – Roos warming up at the mill end and Pies to the Oasis end.

4.33PM – And here come the Roo boys. Join in the chorus.

4.30PM – Goldstein is in for North this week. Should be a good duel vs Grundy and Witts from Collingwood.

4.30PM – Ten minutes to the opening bounce. Pies make their way back out onto the ground with the song pumping out around the ground.

4.28PM – Umpires make their way out to the middle of Robertson Oval.

4.27PM – Former Wagga product Cam Mooney is a favourite on the boundary line doing his boundary riding for Fox Sports.

4.25PM – Pies head back into the rooms.

4.24PM – A reminder that the breaks today will be extended due to the AFL’s heat policy. Quarter time breaks are now 8 minutes and teams will go into the rooms at each break and the half time break will be 25 minutes. Each side is allowed an extra trainer.

4.23PM – Pies doing short and sharp drills in front of the grandstand.

4.22PM – Pies make their way out onto Robertson Oval ready for the big game.

4.22PM – Carnival like atmosphere here at Robertson Oval. Plenty of people have come in from the regional areas. Big g’day to the Marrar Bombers decked out in club attire.

4.20PM – Plenty of blue and white as well as black and white guernseys and flags in the crowd.

4.17PM – Robertson Oval is looking a treat. No wind to speak of very warm for the players and spectators at that.

4.15PM – Notable absentees for Magpies are Steele Sidebottom, Jamie Elliott, Dane Swan, Nathan Brown, Jordan De Goey and Brent Macaffer.

4.14PM – Notable absentees for North are Shaun Higgins, Brent Harvey, Ben Cunnington and Shaun Atley.

4.13PM – The Pies make their way back into the rooms.

4.11PM – Pies have left out Jordan De Goey, Tim Golds and Brent Macaffer from the selected squad of 29.

4.10PM – The breaks today will be extended due to the AFL’s heat policy. Quarter time breaks are now 8 minutes and teams will go into the rooms at each break and the half time break will be 25 minutes. Each side is allowed an extra trainer.

4.07PM – Play to get underway at 4.40pm.

4.03PM – North Melbourne boys come out for their pre match warm up.

4.01PM – Teams are in and the emergencies for NM are Wagner, MacMillan and Fordham.

4.00PM – 36 degrees in Wagga at the moment. Good crowd building.

3.58PM – The Collingwood boys make their way out onto the ground for the pre-match warm up.

3.56PM – Nice day here at Robertson Oval here in Wagga Wagga for the NAB Challenge match between Collingwood and North Melbourne.