We say: ‘Letta’ us set the record straight, this is creepy

Letta Me Out

Letta Me Out

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, there’s a good chance it originated from the Riverina.

The region is a getting a bit of a reputation and no, it’s not for what you think.

It’s been revealed that the country’s potentially most haunted doll (yes, that’s a thing) was originally found in Wagga and we are intrigued and have so many questions.

Letta Me Out, or Letta for short, is believed to be about 200 years old and was made by European gypsies.

We know what you’re thinking.

Everyone has a doll or teddy bear that’s just a little bit off and that has scared you more than once when you’ve turned the light on.

Dolls can be creepy (we don’t care what you say, the eyes ARE following us) but Letta’s owner, Kerry Walton, said others have backed him up.

Psychics and film crews have spoke to Letta’s legitimacy, with one even claiming there’s the spirit of a small child within the doll.

But Letta is not the first spirit that has lurked around the region.

Monte Cristo is the region’s, and one of the country’s, most notorious haunted houses and is just 20 minutes away in Junee.

Depending on who you speak to, the upper Hydro Hotel at Leeton has a ghost or two lurking upstairs. 

And the former asylum at Beechworth will make your skin crawl, especially during their night tour.

Some people are rolling their eyes at this but we bet you read on.

Because whether you believe this stuff or not, people like to feel a little bit scared.

It’s why we watch horror movies or visit a haunted house, because we need to see for ourselves.

And most harbour a curiosity for the paranormal, whether it is through a genuine belief or the desire to point a finger and laugh.

Plus, it gets our minds ticking.

Are our hearts racing because there is actually a spiritual being around us or are they racing because we think we are in a scary situation?

Is our reaction to these situations just from anticipation or is there really something else out there?

Do you think you have a doll or toy that could rival Letta for that eerie feeling?

We would love to see it.

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