You say: What sparked Michaelia’s outburst in Senate?

One reader is questioning Michaelia Cash's outburst on Wednesday.
One reader is questioning Michaelia Cash's outburst on Wednesday.

It is often said that we get the politicians we deserve.

What have we done to get Michaelia Cash?

As a former minister for women, her outburst at Senate estimates yesterday was disgusting.

To use female staff in the opposition leader’s office is really sinking to a horrible low.

The opposition leader is fair game in what passes as political debate but to use alleged rumours about female staff is a very underhanded, even vicious, way of attacking a political opponent.

If the PM has strong moral views about parliamentarian’s behaviour he should discipline this minister.

Mary Kidson


Pick a side

Responsibility for the civilian deaths in the besieged areas of Damascus rests solely with the American and British governments for arming the rebels and thereby prolonging the conflict.

What right do the British and American governments have to arm insurrectionists attempting to overthrow the legitimate government of a country? 

It is the equivalent of the Assad regime arming the IRA.

The so-called "rebels" are actually Islamists aiming to overthrow the secular Assad regime and establish an Islamic state. 

It seems strange that Western powers should rail against Islamic extremism one minute and then support it the next.

Bob Vinnicombe


No fly zone

I am horrified to read and hear on the news that Albury is submitting a case for locating a Qantas training school at Albury airport.  

My question is, has anyone bothered to consider the impact on local residents?

The Albury airport is located central in the city and residential areas.

We live in North Street, virtually one end of the runway. 

The new part of Thurgoona is running parallel to the airport.

The impact of 500 trainee pilots taking off, landing and flying around is horrendous from both a noise and safety point of view, as well as the pollutants it would add to our existing fresh clean air.

We already hear quite a bit of airport noise now, especially with the new freight services and increase in traffic.

This is manageable but certainly would not be with the type of enterprise proposed. 

We lived for a short while near Moorabbin airport so I know what I am talking about.

This was a very unpleasant experience with constant noise all through the day and into the evening and sometimes even later than this. 

It is not something one can ignore.

To have this type of enterprise near to Albury-Wodonga would no doubt be advantageous for employment and development … if the airport was located at least 10 kilometres from residential areas.

Jeanette McIlroy


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