You say: we should put more resources toward aged care

One reader thinks more resources should be given to aged care and the elderly.
One reader thinks more resources should be given to aged care and the elderly.

Aged care in Australia care for millions of Australians and would employ tens of thousands of staff, including doctors, nurses, specialists etc, whom have assets worth trillions, with a monetary turnover of billions.  

I would assume it would be the one of the largest businesses in Australia, receiving billions of dollars in handouts from governments (taxpayers).  

Yet who does the government rely on to oversee this massive organisation – the minister for small business?

Obviously our Government does not rate our seniors high on priority list.


Peter Dolden, Wagga

Clarifying from last time

Ray Goodlass voiced his strong biased pro Palestinian and anti Israel opinion. In doing so, repeatedly, he is unaware of a number of facts or he doesn’t want to hear or know about these facts.

It is a well known historical fact that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were the founding fathers of the Jewish nation. It is also reliably recorded in the book of Genesis what God promised to Abraham and how these promises were fulfilled in the following centuries:- “I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and him who cures you I will curse; and by you, all the families of the earth shall bless themselves.”

These promises are also made in many other places and have been and are being fulfilled. These are indisputable facts.

There is also this fact - there are 590 major prophecies recorded of which 570 have been fulfilled in detail. One of these was the restoration of the nation of Israel in 1948, and the return of many scattered Jews from all around the world.

You would have to be seeing blind and hearing deaf to ignore and discount the miraculous Beersheba victory by the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade and the saving of the vitally important water supply, just seconds from being blown up. And seeing blind and hearing deaf to ignore or explain away the miraculous military victories since 1948 when repeatedly small Israel defeated overwhelming enemy armies. Reputations of the original David Goliath contest and glorious victory.

To be pro Israel does not automatically mean to be anti Palestinian, to the contrary,Palestinians are our neighbours and we are to love our neighbours as ourselves. But we abhor indiscriminate mortar and rocket firing at Israeli neighbourhoods.

Paul Bosman, Wagga

Everyone’s right to freedom

We have a vote which authorises the Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage, whether we agree with it or not.

What infringements of freedom of religion or thought would such legislation impose that are not already imposed by the present heterosexual marriage laws?

Any provisions, which would arbitrarily limit the rights and privileges of same-sex couples, are purely designed to continue discrimination against same-sex couples and defeat the intent of the plebiscite.

By what right do those who oppose same-sex marriage believe that their freedom to be bigots takes precedence over the freedoms of others?

D. A. Corbett, Albury

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