We say: we’re waiting for GM news like it’s Christmas Eve

It feels a little bit like Christmas Eve.

You know that feeling of anticipation and excitement and wonder.

Will you be pleasantly surprise and get everything you asked for or will you be left disappointed and having to wear a fake smile?

Or have you ever waited for the arrival of a baby and flinched every time your phone buzzes, thinking that’s the update you’re waiting for?

It is the same sort of feelings as these that we are experiencing awaiting the announcement of the new general manager. 

An extraordinary council meeting with the subject of ‘general manager appointment’ has been called for Friday morning.

We can only assume that this means one thing – a decision on who will be the next GM has been made.

Or more discussions are happening to make a final decision on an appointment to be made soon.

It is a closed meeting, so media cannot attend, but a media conference will be held immediately after the meeting.

The city is metaphorically sitting outside of the council chambers with their fingers crossed that council get it right this time.

It was reported in September that council had voted unanimously for the new GM and that’s encouraging.

Four candidates were shortlisted from 25 applications.

It shows that whoever the candidate is, they seem to have the full support and confidence of council, which is encouraging to a public wondering how this is going to play out.

The biggest burning question we have is whether it is a name we recognise?

Or did council outsource the job to someone from another location for a fresh start?

It is an exciting time because it could potentially mean the start of something new for the city.

A leader who is committed to what is best for the city and the proper way of going about it, someone with forethought – is that too much to ask?

Councillors do a good job but they need the support of a general manager too.

Whoever it is, we hope they appreciate this city as much as we do and have a clear vision of what it best for it.

It would be a shame for the next general manager to leave as suddenly as ones before them.

The city needs consistency and only the right person in that job can provide it.