Drunken driver fishtails away after hitting a car at Hay

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

A man who told police he drank 10 schooners of Carlton Draught before getting behind the wheel and crashing into a stationary car has faced court. 

Christoper John Russell, 46, has pleaded guilty to five charges including driving in a dangerous manner and driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. 

Russell is also charged with operating a vehicle to cause a driving wheel to undergo sustained loss of traction, not wearing a seat belt, not giving particulars to another driver and failing to appear in court while on bail. 

According to the facts tendered to the court, Russell crashed into the victim’s car at Hay before finding himself stuck on a mounted kerb. 

He then reversed 40 metres down the road before fishtailing away from the scene. 

Russell will face court again on November 20 after he is assessed for an intensive corrections order.