The Daily Advertiser’s relocation is not a time for sadness

It would be easy to get nostalgic or shed a tear after moving from a building that this company has inhabited for more than 100 years.

All living past and present staff would remember their time at The Daily Advertiser or one of its publications as being within 48 Trail Street.

And while the building holds historical significance, its move to 19 Peter Street is just as symbolic.

Sure, it marks the end of an era but even more so, it signifies the start of a new one.

Strolling through the old building last week, there were empty desks and chairs in most rooms.

The new building’s open plan means we are in easy and direct contact with other departments.

This interaction between departments will foster relationships that will further benefit you, our readers.

The central location also makes staff more accessible to members of the public.

A skeleton staff were able to work from the new office at the weekend.

It was hard not to be impressed with the new smell, its bright interiors and up-to-date technology (although it took a little bit to figure out).

It will be thrilling to see what the office is like when it’s full of people, all of whom are buzzing around.

It sends a reinvigorated feeling through the staff to be able to operate from such a fresh new premise.

It’s like getting a new car or new home.

Half the fun is in discovering the new gadgets, unpacking your belongings and moving them into a new locker (yes, we have lockers) or cupboards.

There is no need to claim a desk because staff are hot-desking, a principle which could see us sitting in a different location each day.

The new office falls in line with a standard Fairfax design, structured to be able to allow employees to plug in and work from any location around the country.

It puts Wagga on a level playing field to our counterparts in metropolitan locations. 

It is encouraging to think that the company is putting just as much faith and resources into regional newspapers as what it is in the cities.

The location has changed but the staff and our intentions have not.

Please, come and visit us during the week between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm at 19-31 Peter Street.


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