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One of our readers is "sickened" by the thought of a new war with North Korea. Tell us what you think, email letters@dailyadvertiser.com.au.
One of our readers is "sickened" by the thought of a new war with North Korea. Tell us what you think, email letters@dailyadvertiser.com.au.

‘No discrimination’

I see that supporters of homosexual marriage are worried about the nature of any opposition to the proposal (Daily Advertiser, August 12). But anyone who reads the media will see that the reverse is true as the media is manipulated to promote homosexual “marriage”.

It’s obvious that these two ideas do not belong together. Homosexuality is a sexual interest in the same sex. That’s it.

But what is marriage?

Perhaps it is about love as the homosexuals (and others) suggest? Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. No doubt the presence of love makes for a good marriage, but it is not essential. Many marriages are arranged by parents. This tradition goes back a long way in the highest levels of society and is practiced in very large numbers.

What about marriage and religion? Once, religion was the only way to publicly announce a couple’s marriage. But it’s different these days. There are civil forms available, not just for marriage but for announcing a birth and also a death. In our country the religious forms are not actually sufficient to be considered legal.  

Marriage is a social structure (in all societies) whereby children are legitimized. If two people are married then their children are considered legitimate. Children born outside a marriage are not. Thus it’s obvious there must be a male and a female for marriage to exist. Only that combination can produce children. Laws covering such things as inheritance are founded on the same basis.

The present legislation does not discriminate against homosexuals. Any homosexual can marry a person of the opposite sex. That’s no different from people who are not homosexual.  

Graeme Smith, Wagga

Doubts about figures

I looked up Wikipedia to see how many countries have legalised same-sex marriage.

Twenty-three countries or part of the country have legalised same sex marriage. Seventy-seven countries do not.

I’m not sure the “yes” vote will be a lay down misere as the fake news tells us.

Bryan Pomeroy, Wagga

Futility of war

If, as unfortunately it appears likely, a war erupts between the USA and North Korea I fail to see why Australia should become involved.

The thought of young Australians dying because the USA elected a mentally unstable President sickens me.

The two protagonists are behaving like a pair of kids taunting each other to make the first move.

At 82, one of the blessings of my life is that I was never called into combat and throughout my life I hoped that world leaders would realise the futility of war.

Will we never learn?

John Kjeldsen, Lake Albert

‘Milking’ the label

Regarding Dairy Connect’s petition to stop non-dairy milks from being labelled as milk, dairy farmer Ruth Kydd says: “by definition, milk comes from mammals (It ain’t white: dairies petition to restrict labelling of plant-based alternatives as ‘milk’, Daily Advertiser, August 11). 

Yes, milk does come from mammals but the actual definition of milk is “an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young”.

If this campaign is all about honesty in labelling the labels on milk cartons should clearly  state, “secreted by cows for the nourishment of their young”.

Interestingly, the other dictionary definition of milk is to exploit or take advantage of – and that is exactly what farmers do to cows when they force them to become pregnant then kill their babies so they can steal their milk for profit.

Jenny Moxham

Monbulk, VIC


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