Kyeamba woman sentenced to 100 hours community service

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

 A Riverina woman has been asked to imagine a world where everyone would solve their problems with violence as she was sentenced in Wagga Local Court. 

“You can’t behave this way just because you were wronged,” Ms Kennedy told the accused. 

“There is legal ways to do this so we can all enjoy where we live – your initial reaction to police was appalling.” 

Sarah Moore, 26, was slammed with 100 hours community service after she was convicted of common assault, relating to an incident at Tumbarumba earlier this year. 

Solicitor for the accused, Duc Vo, told the court his client felt very regretful about her actions and hadn’t consumed alcohol since the offence on January 26.  

According to the facts tendered to the court, Moore started to swear and abuse the victim when she came across her on a walk, before pushing her in the chest, grabbing her hair and pulling her head down.

The incident escalated when Moore began to punch the victim two to three times to the rear and side of her head.