Gone fishing with Craig Harris, August 11, 2017

BIG ENOUGH?: A couple of brave fishermen fought the Burrinjuck cold to snare this massive cod. Send you pictures to – craig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.
BIG ENOUGH?: A couple of brave fishermen fought the Burrinjuck cold to snare this massive cod. Send you pictures to – craig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.

WHAT do you do when the weather is not conducive to comfortable fishing, but you love fishing and you really, I mean really, want to catch a big cod? You go fishing for big cod.

IA couple of local lads travelled up to Blowering last weekend to try their luck, and even though it was blowing a gale, and sleety yucky rain coming from the side, they still managed to stay on the water and catch some very nice fish, with one being over the metre.

The age old adage – you have to be on the water to catch fish – has never been truer.

Twenty years ago that probably would have been me and my mates but as you get older they say you get smarter, but, when I see the results some of these lads are getting, I’m sometimes thinking I’m getting softer and not just around the gut.

Time on the water always equates to fish no matter what the weather. Well done boys and hope you catch plenty more. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that there was going to a rise in the river, well, that has been and gone, and at time of writing, the river level is now at 1.670m and still dropping. The river level actually got to 4.2m last week, so it has had its little “flush” and when the rain disappears and the banks dry up a bit it should be fishing pretty good.

The temperature is about 10.1 degrees, still a little cold for most cod, but not too cold for the big fellas.

If the water level gets back to below the metre mark it will be canoes, bank fishing or jet boats that will give you the best opportunity to play.

With only a few weeks left until footy finals time, it is now time to start getting the boat ready for all those fishing trips.

For those who check your boats over yourselves; check your trailer wheel bearings and adjust trailer brakes if equipped, check your tyres for damage or fatigue, make sure all your lights work.

Check that all your boats batteries are holding charge, all the wiring is still intact (rodents do happen to eat a lot of this and it is NOT covered by insurance) all your radio’s, bilge pumps, lights – interior and exterior – are working, replace your engine oil, gearbox oil, sparkplugs, and fuel filters.

Make sure your inflatable life jackets have been serviced, and better still book your pride and joy into your favorite Marine service agent. 

FISHING AROUND: Burrinjuck has been a bit quiet it is back on the rise after a drop of around 10 per cent over the last couple of weeks so well worth a go. The Alpine waters are a bit snowy so reports haven’t been forth coming. From my recent experience, give it a go if you want to be disappointed, and no, I don’t hold a grudge for very long only, around two years. Hume has been pretty good and is also on the rise after the rain – another place you may want to put on the list. Mulwala has been going pretty good with some good quality fish especially on surface poppers in the shallows. The River will be a touch difficult to get on for a few days and is still a little dirty so give it a week or two.