Daily Advertiser letters to the editor | August 10, 2017

An editorial about responsible spending should be framed and hung in every home, writes Paul Bosman. Send your thoughts to letters@dailyadvertiser.com.au.
An editorial about responsible spending should be framed and hung in every home, writes Paul Bosman. Send your thoughts to letters@dailyadvertiser.com.au.

Australia’s Spending Spree

The editorial “Australia’s spending coming home to roost” (Daily Advertiser, August 3) hits several nails right on the head and deserves to be framed and hung on the wall in everyone’s home.

But it is really only of use if we take it in and apply it in our own lives, in other words: Don’t just read it but do it.

“For years social workers have warned ‘middle class’ families that they’re living beyond their means.”

What do we want? New homes with all mod cons, latest fashion clothing and shoes and the latest electronic gear. When do we want it? Now!

“Cheap credit means brand new cars can be had at ridiculously low interest rates, meaning it’s too easy to cruise the streets and give off the appearance of wealth. Sadly, that materialism is cheap and unfulfilling. It’s like eating fairy floss and hamburgers and the wondering why you’re broke and fat with rotten teeth”.

Do you see yourself in the mirror here? Well keep looking and for your own sake discipline yourself, set your priorities right in your life, buy less, eat and drink less junk food and drink and so improve your health and quality of life and enjoyment of life.

Dare to make this tough decision and forever after enjoy the results. Compare with satisfaction and pride life before and after your major and tough decision. Do yourself this greatest favour, you’’ll never regret it.

Paul Bosman, Estella

Political power pain

When the poles and wires were sold the expectation was that power prices would be reduced but instead they have gone through the roof.

Mr.Turnbull is waving a big stick at the power companies, but in a democratic society in reality there is little he can do. Surely it is time that each state copy Denmark where turbines in the ocean are driven by the tides, incoming and outgoing, so that they work 24 hours a day without pollution.

Both sides of politics are trying to make themselves the knights in shiny armour regarding same-sex marriage. It is inevitable, so just legislate for it and put energy and money towards cheap power.

It is disgraceful that in a developed country like Australia some people are frightened to turn heaters on and others are having their power disconnected because they cannot pay.

John Kjeldsen, Lake Albert

Date change debate

Please let me have my say on the Australia Day holiday.

Firstly I am not racist as I have many different nationality and culture friends including cousins living or married to our modern day Aboriginals.

Thank you to Aunty Isabel seeing sense in leaving things as they are. Then you get Joe Williams harping on and on about everything even another holiday. There’s already a week’s celebration in Naidoc Week, sport days and many more.

Until these people like Joe keep harping on about nothing, the rubbish will always be (there).

Don’t forget we are all indigenous if born in the country. Not just some – get over it.

Paul Edwards, Hay

Low wages

There has been a 60 per cent increase in people living in their cars in the past four years. The government wants low wages and this is the result.

Ken Morehouse, Wangaratta

Sick and tired of the same

The free-to-air National Rugby League on Channel Nine always has one telecast on Thursday night, Friday night and Sunday Afternoon.

So why does it always show the games of Canterbury Bankstown, Brisbane and Wests Tigers? Let’s hope that it can do better with their new Saturday night games!

Jane Wallace, Riverwood


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