Wagga man avoids jail over serious offences

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

A Wagga man who filmed his petrified partner as she cried helplessly on the ground, and kicked at her windscreen as she sat in the front seat has avoided jail time. 

It was just the beginning for the victim, who was struck, spat on and poked during the course of four separate incidents spanning across two months. 

It started off with the terrifying windscreen kick in May last year, leaving the victim forking out for repairs – but the physical damage barely scratched the surface of the terror that was yet to ensue. 

Just 20 days later, the accused left to stay at a friend’s place after the victim had called the relationship quits. 

According to the facts, the man returned while the victim slept, grabbing her phone from her bedroom and scrolling through its contents. 

He returned to the bedroom and became enraged, striking the victim on the left temple as she curled into a ball and began to cry. 

On June 17 the horror continued, as the accused returned to pick up some belongings. 

The facts state the man stood over the victim who was lying on the floor, abusing and intimidating the victim who asked him to leave. 

He started filming the victim as she cried, sending a text message of her to her sister. 

Poking the victim in the torso area and calling her names, the situation escalated as the man spat on the victim’s upper thigh, before he shockingly asked to have sex. 

According to the facts, the victim then picked up a call from her sister, screaming for help to which the accused told her she was dead, running a finger across his throat in a slitting motion. 

The accused was charged with property damage, two counts of intimidation and assault and contravene prohibition in relation to a domestic violence order. 

Solicitor for the accused, David Barron, told the court on Monday his client has recognised his behaviour since the offending and never wanted it to happen again. 

Magistrate Erin Kennedy sighted the man’s lack of any criminal record as she sentenced him to 250 hours community service, leaving him with some final advice. 

“You need to stop and think, would this be OK if my mum was watching this? ” Ms Kennedy said. 

“If no – get right out of there.” 

He was also ordered to pay the victim $220 in compensation and placed on a good behaviour bond for 12 months.