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November 15, 1917

Spent the morning of the 14th writing letters and orders came through suddenly for my section to move to Locre to join up A. Section. We marched out at 12.50 for Locre, a distance of about 5 miles, and found our new billets a splendid lot. We took over from a British Field Amb., a splendid lot of fellows too, in a convent, being run as a rest station. The Sergeants’ quarters were the best we have yet had, altho’ only a fowlhouse. ‘Tis a two-storey building, one large room at the bottom for amess with kitchen adjoining and above 4 small rooms.

Built for pedigree fowls it was made like an ordinary dwelling and has a balcony round three sides. A piano goes with the building and we had a sing song the first night. Next morning we took over finally and spent the day getting things into order, etc. If we are here long we will be lucky and should our stay go over Christmas we will be able to have a rare old time.


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