Lord sceptic to debunk science

THE controversial lord of climate sceptics, Christopher Monckton, will return to Wagga next February as part of a tour of Australia.

The Democratic Labor Party (DLP) will pay for Viscount Monckton's visit and his NSW stops include only Sydney and Wagga.

"He loves Wagga. When the DLP asked him to come back he said 'can I come to Wagga?'" DLP national president and Wagga City councillor, Paul Funnell said.

Viscount Monckton is best known for his attempts to debunk climate change science and his argument governments should not legislate on global warming due to the Green lobby.

He spoke to an audience of 200 people in Wagga in July last year on the issue of climate change and government policy.

"The correct policy when addressing a non-issue is to have the courage to do nothing," he said at the forum.

"The Australian government has decided to shut down the economy," he said in reference to the carbon tax.

This visit may touch on climate change but is also expected to be on a range of other matters yet to be announced.

Riverina Greens secretary Ray Goodlass attended the last meeting and yesterday said he didn't expect much to come from this next trip.

"Given that his first visit didn't have anything sensible at all I'd question whether this visit will add anything," he said.

"The fact a political party is paying for Mr Monckton's visit shows what little credibility he has."

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