Residents forced to travel through flood waters near San Isidore

 A VILLAGE has virtually been isolated with residents risking life and limb to enter and exit San Isidore through floodwaters after Benedict Avenue became inundated by rain on Wednesday.  

Roads connecting San Isidore to Wagga.

Roads connecting San Isidore to Wagga.

Council and Highway Patrol were called to the drenched road, which is the only route connecting San Isidore to Wagga, after multiple motorists allegedly became trapped and required rescuing within the last week.

Roads connecting San Isidore to Wagga.

Roads connecting San Isidore to Wagga.

Tom Hughes, who has lived in San Isidore for more than 25 years, said motorists were forced to veer through the floodwaters to get to and from work.

“There’s a crossing about 30 metres from a water culvert that turns into a lake just about every time we see a thunderstorm now,” he said. 

“We’re always warned not to drive through flood waters because of the immediate danger but when it’s the only way in and out of town you don’t have a choice.

“One of these days someone in a little Toyota is going to try and drive through and will drown or be killed.” 

It comes as Wagga on Wednesday morning set a new all time-record for September rainfall with 131mm so far and nine days still remaining in the month. 

Rising water levels became a significant threat for Cootamundra residents on Wednesday, after a number of homes on Onley street were evacuated by police. 

Muttama Creek levels had risen to a point where backyards of houses were disappearing underwater and properties were slowly becoming drenched. 

The SES issued a warning for flash flooding in Cootamundra but said it was not possible to predict a flood peak due to uncertainty over how much more rain will fall. 

“We haven’t had too many flood rescues today but we’ve certainly been challenged by the amount of sandbagging, evacuations and preparations we’ve been doing,” SES officer Ian Leckie said. 

“Cootamundra has been our main area of concern today but there’s still a number of road closures in place for Wagga and at this stage we’re unsure of the flood peak with more rain expected.” 

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