Angie Polglaze creates art at the Henty Machinery Field Days

Sawdust and chunks of wood were flying around, but that didn’t break Angie Polglaze’s vision as she worked on her sculpture.

The Hastings-based chainsaw artist was thrilled to be back at Henty for the second year running to promote herself and her art.

In just 40 minutes she carved a magpie from a wooden log. Her love of working with chainsaws started 20 years ago when she was in art school.

“A chainsaw is just another tool,” she said.

“I first picked it up when I was 27 and I haven’t put it down.”

Her favourite part of working at the field days is introducing the medium to other people.

“It’s fun to carve for uninitiated audience, especially if it is a girl,” she said.

Before she starts her work she has an idea of what the finished product will be and she carves it from a solid piece of wood before finishing it off with paint.

The magpie she created on Tuesday did not require any fine sanding but other works need to be finely sanded to create the finished product.

To complete the look she paints the sculptures with spraypaint.

She will be doing quick carves everyday at the Henty Machinery Field Days at 1.30pm near the stump in the main area.

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