2016 Riverina League grand final - by the clock

Riverina League grand final day

Riverina League grand final day

Wagga Tigers’ forward John Buchanan starts up on a wing. John Anstee goes to Leeton-Whitton coach Jade Hodge. Dale Walker goes to Luke Potter, while Harvey Daniher mans Neil Irwin. At the other end, Shaun Flanigan and Brendan Myers start in Tigers’ goal square. Tom Morton goes to Tigers’ forward Rob Tuohey. 

3rd minute: Jesse Manton snaps a goal from a boundary throw in inside Tigers’ forward 50. Tigers by 6

5th minute: Tyh Evans kicks a long goal to give Leeton-Whitton a quick reply. Scores level

8th minute: Rob Tuohey marks on his chest. He goes back and kicks truly. Tigers by 6

12th minute: James Nancarrow marks and goals. Crows by 1

21st minute: John Buchanan is awarded an off the ball free kick inside forward 50. He converts the goal. Tigers by 5

23rd minute: Toby Conroy snaps a good goal. Crows by 1

Quarter time: Leeton-Whitton 3.4 (22) – Wagga Tigers 3.2 (20)

14th minute: Luke Potter takes a strong mark and kicks the goal. Crows by 7

16th minute: Shaun Flanigan goals on the run. Crows by 1

22nd minute: Buchanan snaps a good goal. Tigers by 5

Half-time: Wagga Tigers 5.4 (34) – Leeton-Whitton 4.5 (29)

59 seconds: Luke Potter goals from a tight angle after marking. Crows by 1

12th minute: Tuohey kicks his second after the Crows were penalised just outside the goal square. Tigers by 3

16th minute: Buchanan goals from a free kick. Tigers by 10

Three quarter time: Wagga Tigers 7.6 (48) – Leeton-Whitton 5.8 (38)

20th minute: Nick Ryan is awarded a free kick right in front of goals. He goes back and kicks it. Tigers by 16

23rd minute: Lucas Meline marks and goals. Tigers by 10

24th minute: Nancarrow snaps a goal on his left foot. Tigers by 4

25 th minute: Siren sounds with the ball 50 metres out from Leeton-Whitton’s goal

Full-time: Wagga Tigers 8.8 (56) d Leeton-Whitton 7.10 (52)

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