Father of ice addicted woman threatens to 'go after' dealers

A RIVERINA father says he is on the brink of taking the law into his own hands and targeting the dealers he blames for “slowly killing” his ice-addicted daughter.

The man, who requested anonymity to protect his family, said he was going public as a desperate, last-ditch bid.

His daughter has been taking drugs since she was 14.

She’s now 24. Her current drug of choice is ice.

“I don’t know anyone with a child who wouldn’t move heaven and earth to help them,” he said.

That, for him, now extends to taking down the criminals who continue to feed her habit.

“The drug is the master here - it controls the individual,” he said.

“I don’t care if I go to prison - these guys are killing my daughter - what’s 10 years behind bars for her life.

“I’ve been down to the police station that many times I may as well have a coffee cup there.”

The police also know the daughter. And the dealers. 

Young’s worst kept secret is their presence in a housing commission-dominated enclave where they conduct their trade out of state government-funded homes. 

The dad has been persistent in getting help, and that’s when he came up against a system dominated by reticence and red tape - support agencies, community health, police and, the politicians. Even the Office of the Ombudsman.

Seven years later he hasn’t achieved one thing. 

“You have all these services to help but when you go and ask for it you get brick walls, they say, “sorry”,” he said.

“What’s the point of them?”

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