Jackson Strong injured in explosion

LOCKHART'S motocross star Jackson Strong is one of two men seriously hurt in an explosion at his home.

Details of the incident are still being gathered, but Mr Strong's father, Lynton, confirmed his son had been hurt in a New Year's blast.

Strong was picked up as the youngest ever person to join the Crusty Demons at the tender age of 13 and made his way to the international stage when he travelled to South America with the crew at 17.

PHOTOS: Jackson Strong in action

He went from performing at the Lockhart show to cementing his place on the world motocross stage, bagging swags of medals at the X Games including back-to-back gold medals for best trick in 2011 and 2012.

Not only was Strong the youngest person on the planet to backflip a full-size motorcycle, he was also the first person in the world to front-flip a bike to dirt.

More recently, Strong performed in Wagga with the Nitro Circus Live regional tour. He has also ridden with the Metal Mulisha. 

Ambulance media said paramedics responded to reports of a fireworks explosion at Lockhart about 12.10am today.

A spokeswoman said two patients were taken to Wagga Base Hospital.

Jackson Strong, 22, is reported to be the more seriously hurt.

He suffered a serious leg injury as well as chest and facial injuries.

Pictures of Mr Strong's facial injuries have been posted on his website www.jackostrong.com with the caption "about to get airlifted to Sydney home made fireworks are mad #luckytobealive".

"His left leg around his thigh is the worst part," a worried Lynton Strong said.

"He will pull through, no worries at all." 

Jackson Strong was flown into Wagga by helicopter and then after treatment at the base hospital was flown by plane to Sydney where he was admitted to the burns unit of St George Hospital.

A second man, 28, suffered a lower leg wound.

He is a good friend of Mr Jackson from Lockhart and was celebrating the new year with him.

Wagga police duty officer, Inspector Peter Robertson, said the cause of the explosion was still being investigated but it may have been the result of an attempt to drill into an acetylene bottle.

"At the scene, police found a cordless drill and an acetylene bottle that had exploded," Inspector Robertson said.

"We have crime scene (police) out there now."

The second man was operated on in Wagga Base Hospital for injuries to his left foot and calf muscle.

He was reported to be in a stable condition.

It is believed the incident happened on Mr Strong's family property on Strong's Lane, where he has spent some time filming for a documentary, Headstrong.

Jackson Strong's mother, Mandy, is beside her son's hospital bed.

She did not want to comment on the incident.

"At this stage we don't want to make any comment, perhaps tomorrow or the next day we will," Mrs Strong said.

Mrs Strong said she hoped her son would make a full recovery, but she was still waiting on advice from doctors to be definitive about the prognosis.

Mrs Strong did not want to talk about the cause of the explosion.

"No, not at this stage; perhaps in a couple of days when I talk to him and see where he wants to go with that one," she said.

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